Music Monday: "The Promise" (Paul Freeman)

It's Music Monday! (After an exceptionally long hiatus...) And to kick off the restart of the series on the new site, here is a song that has haunted me for more than a few years.

I first saw Paul Freeman perform at a Vienna Teng holiday concert in...2010? (It's been a while. Let's go with that.) (Vienna Teng is an exceptional musician herself, and merits more than one Music Monday of her very own. More on her in the future.) I hadn't heard of him previously, but when I heard him perform "The Promise" with Alex Wong, I was stunned.

Good music can make me catch my breath. Great music can make my chest hurt and bring tears to my eyes (quite literally, and I DO mean literally in the literal sense of the word). (What can I say? I'm sentimental.) The most I can say about Paul's performance of "The Promise" is that I was riveted from start to finish, and knew I HAD to have it.

...Sadly, the song remained unreleased for close to five years. I checked back dutifully every few months and forgot the song title several times... And then discovered only TODAY, in the writing of THIS POST, that Paul released a live album LAST MONTH with "The Promise" included. (CUE AGGRESSIVE SWOONING HERE.) Strangely, the full album (Paul Freeman at Volver Live) appears to be unavailable from iTunes US, but single songs can be purchased. And purchase I absolutely did.

There are some songs that I file in my "to write under" list. This is one of them. Gorgeous, haunting, and deeply sad.

Reading: Waistcoats and Weaponry (Gail Carriger)
Listening to: "The Promise" (Paul Freeman)