Music Monday: "Goodnight New York" (Vienna Teng)

I wasn't intending to do a Music Monday post today and then it kind of just happened. There's a lot of stuff going on over here. For one thing, my last day at the bookstore (for a while) was yesterday, and I got a lovely lovely send-off, complete with a book on Australian slang (very handy!) and sunscreen for use in the place where it is actually summer right now. Hard to believe, I know.

For the second thing, though, there's a very large storm moving into the Northeast which is causing major cancellations and stoppages in advance of its arrival. So I got up this morning and did my last errands (pharmacy, grocery shopping, making sure I have enough quarters to do the last of my laundry), all the while with the gnawing knowledge that I might not actually make it out of the city on time weighing down upon me. My flight's on Wednesday night. We'll see.

Anyway, all this was making me dreadfully sentimental. I get sniffly when I leave places, and leaving my cozy apartment and my cozy job and my cozy friends for seven months is Very Sad Indeed, even if what I will be doing is Exceptionally Exciting. So when I was trudging along in the snow to CVS, the song that came to mind was Vienna Teng's "Goodnight New York."

I haven't done a Vienna Teng Music Monday before. This is mostly because she is one of my very favorite musicians and it is impossible for me to narrow down my favoritest favorite songs to less than...15? 20? (Vienna Teng is so wonderful that I've literally lost count of how many times I've seen her live, and I just keep going back for more. Where else are you going to find an improvised piano rendition of "Shake It Off"?)

"Goodnight New York" is off of Vienna's latest album, Aims, which came out in 2013. It wouldn't make my top "I CAN'T CHOOSE BETWEEN YOU DON'T MAKE ME!" list of songs, but it IS lovely, and it DOES almost perfectly capture my current state of melancholy/sentimentality/sadness/nostalgia for leaving my current circumstance and striking out into the unknown. Enjoy.