The Book Deal Post

Pretty much everyone who knows me in any capacity (online and in real life) knows that I love books. 99.9% of those people also know that I'm a writer as well, although I tend to keep quieter about that side of things because it's difficult to talk about the writing side of things when there's not much going on besides "Well, I'm still writing."

Well - I'm still writing. But last week something else happened too.

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Juniper (Monica Furlong)

A few weeks ago I put out the call on Twitter for young adult and middle grade books with very strong fantasy settings, as I'd been challenged with the setting on one of my current WIPs. I was fortunate to hear back from enough kind people to assemble a reading list of seven or eight titles, which I promptly put on hold at the library. I was familiar with some titles already (Princess Academy, which I was more than happy to reread), and introduced to others for the first time (Darkbeast, which is waiting on my nightstand as I type), but there was one that caught my eye particularly: Juniper, a middle grade novel by Monica Furlong.

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A Sisyphean Task

Well, it's been a time. I've been busy (day job, immigration paperwork, health insurance paperwork, writing deadlines, freelance deadlines, Pitch Wars deadlines), just as you've all been busy, I'm sure. And the end of it, for the moment, is this: It's almost time to let go of the WIP, send it off into the world, and see what fortunes befall it. And we all know what that means: It's time to start writing another book.

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The Short Story Long - Part Three

Welcome to the third installment of The Short Story Long (Or, How I Signed With a Literary Agent). If you're joining for the first time, you can catch up here and here.

So I was in Australia. I had just flown out of a winter snowstorm, right into...summer. My luggage was missing (it was stuck in New York), but I was here! In Australia! And in possession of a book that needed finishing.

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