Bad things happen (even in Hawaii)

We had a horseback ride planned for this morning. But last night, my sister (hereafter known as GirlInCharge, because that is so who she is going to turn out to be) got really sick. This morning, she was still sick. Hence, no horseback riding.

And once I had to make the call to cancel it, I suddenly realized that I really really really wanted to go horseback riding. Weird? Maybe. But all of a sudden I was thinking about riding horses and that one horse camp I went to where we got to take care of horses and do barrel riding (I think I was pretty good at that barrel riding), and the fact that it was at least eight years ago. Maybe more. So then the question became: why haven't I been horseback riding in eight years? Maybe I should go again sometime. Maybe I shouldn't wait until I'm in Hawaii to try it. Yeah. That sounds good...

Anyway, moral of the story: bad things happen (even in Hawaii). Like GirlInCharge throwing up all over the place. And missing horseback rides.

On the other hand, we'll always have the beach. Except for on tsunami days.