CakeGirl hates the rain

Ernest says that I am neglecting my nonexistent readers. He has taken a moment from huddling under the covers to poke his nose out into the cold that is my apartment in the morning, and he disapproves of what he sees.

The problem, I inform him, is that there is a lack of interesting material on gray December days. No savvy internet crawler wants to know about my ingenious study plans (one page of my oceanography textbook, followed by a two hour Bones break - rinse and repeat), or how the only thing that my four roommates wanted from Safeway last night was Top Ramen.

Ernest is not pleased by this state of affairs. So I hem and haw, and eventually give in. Today, I will introduce you to CakeGirl.

CakeGirl is my roommate - one of four. Since she is the only other female living in our third-floor apartment, we share a room. She has an incredibly broad spectrum of interests, which means that whenever I have a research paper to write, I ask her first. Invariably, she knows more about every subject than I will ever know. Also, she bakes birthday cakes.

Lastly, the most important thing about CakeGirl (at least today) is that she dislikes the rain.

To me, this does not compute. Today is a gray December day and I am ensconced in sweats, a blanket, and two very large pillows as I attempt to complete a short story due on Friday. By my side is our trusty heater vent, my friend of many paper-writing hours past, and a bowl of potato chips. Also present is my iPod, which is blasting "Bohemian Rhapsody" as I contemplate the perfect name for a dragon posing as a human. The only thing that could make this day more perfect is an excessive amount of rain.

CakeGirl disagrees, but I think that's because she must soon absent herself to attend a math review session. Actually stepping out into the rain is certainly different than observing it from behind a lovely set of bay windows. And hot chocolate! One can't forget that the best way to experience rain is from the inside with a mug of hot chocolate in one's hand, wrapped in a blanket, with a good book to read and nowhere to be.

Well, I've got about half of that down. Now, if only it would start raining...