Dem Bones and a little of everything

I admit it. I came extremely late to the sensation that is Bones. But I'm here, finally, and today I will...not be talking about it. Much.

Suffice to say that I really, really wanted to use "Dem Bones" as the title of this post, and was therefore obligated to do a little dance about how much I'm enjoying the show. I'm in the beginning of the fourth season right now, and racing my way nicely through to get all caught up. Since my school semester will be done as soon as I turn in my last research paper tomorrow, I expect the rate of my catching up to rise. Happiness! And David Boreanaz, of course.

Onward to Christmas shopping... I haven't been doing much of that yet, although I expect to hit up Target tomorrow for a Snuggie, of all things, as well as a new sports watch. Mine died an ignominious death last Saturday, and yet I've been forced to tote it around in my pocket to my exams, since cell phones are strictly prohibited. One more day with absolutely no sense of time...

In the meantime, I'm going to tell you about something incredible, which is the Chai Latte Cookie from teacake bake shop. It is amazing. The other products that I sampled (which were the Pink Velvet Cupcake, and the Classic Cookie and Mint Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches) were lovely as well, but the Chai Latte Cookie was mind blowing. Chai tea plus white chocolate plus cookie. I award extra points because this is the first white chocolate cookie I've seen in a very long time that didn't also involve macadamia nuts, which I am allergic to. The store itself is in the Bay Street shopping center in Emeryville; it's probably the only redeeming thing about Emeryville, beside the Ikea. I would go there just for the cookie.

And one last thing: this song, by Brett Dennen. It's gorgeous, and so true.