This is not the first post

For about a month now, I have been increasingly concerned with the first post of this blog. How should I come across? What aspects of my dazzling personality should I highlight? In what way will I ensure that all five thousand readers that will inevitably happen upon this blog are hopelessly ensnared?

Of course there are options. The tried-and-true choices, the "this is why the world needs this blog" entry, the "I'm starting this to keep track of my pregnancy/reading list/new year's resolutions" entry, the "I'm bored, so look what I can accomplish on the internet" entry... I have confronted each and come up short.

Therefore, this must not be the first entry of my blog. Clearly, this is the second.

Clearly, you already know about me - that I'm about to graduate college and am in the process of looking for my first full-time job. Doubtless I've also informed my loyal readership that I love to read, and that a few entries here will most likely be devoted to informal book reviews. You all know that I've played soccer for most of my life, and that I have a stuffed bear named Ernest who will be serving as my editorial assistant. One hopes that he can keep away from the honey long enough to be effective in this capacity.

From this information, you must be able to extrapolate exactly what type of a person I am, which begs the question: so... why are we reading this blog anyway?

Since this is not the first post, I am saved the aggravation of attempting to answer that question.