Truly, Madly (Heather Webber)

Truly, Madly: A Novel Truly, Madly: A Novel by Heather Webber

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I thought this book was darling, which was more than I was expecting.

Lucy comes from the Valentine family, a clan with a penchant for reading auras and making matches. According to legend, they were blessed by Cupid to be that way. Unfortunately, Lucy herself had a bad accident with an electrical surge and can no longer read auras as she should be able to. However, she has been left with a nifty ability to find lost objects. And when she locates a new client's lost engagement ring on the body of a skeleton, it's time for some serious sleuthing.

Add a mystery, an extremely handsome fire fighter turned PI, and a supportive band of friends and family, and Lucy is about to have the adventure of a lifetime.

I have to admit that after the first five pages, I was about to put this book down. The first scene was just so...fluffy, what with the togetherness and family whimsy and blessings from Cupid. However, a few pages later I found myself really enjoying it.

Lucy is a darling, and her narrative voice has just the right amount of lightness sprinkled in with intelligence. She doesn't immediately fall into Sean's arms, as is the trope with so many of "these kinds of books," which was a refreshing surprise, and her fellows are entertaining as well.

In short, I wouldn't call this book genius. It didn't stagger my world, or leave me seeing things in all new lights. But I did think that it was intelligent, well put together, and a very entertaining read. Perfect for those looking for a break after War and Peace.

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