1000 Words A Day: Project Voldemort #1

Congratulations, me! I'm starting my 1000 Words A Day Challenge a full two days ahead of schedule! Yay! Just around the corner await an awesome agent, a six figure book deal, and an international release party!

...Well. Maybe not. But I did start a few days early on this story that's been bouncing around a little bit in my head for the last...week or so. Out of sheer bizarreness of character, this lovely Word document has been titled "Project Voldemort". Why? Clearly, the answer is: why not?

No, the real answer is that I am horrible at titles, even working ones, and Project Voldemort was just the first to spring to mind. In order to save as much time as possible, I went with it. Now the question is whether to title blog posts about said masterpiece "1000 Words A Day," "Project Voldemort," or "He-With-Many-Names". You can see my compromise if you turn your eyes to the top of the browser.

I don't particularly like talking about the unfolding plots of my many projects, mostly because none of them seem to get finished. I contend that it's because I use up the magic telling people before I even write that shit down. So this time, I'm not giving away much. Maybe I'll feel nice enough to drop a few hints in a future blog. Maybe while talking about my enduring love for all things fairy tale. Maybe.

I am decidedly not going to post every day about the progress of my novel. I can already see zzzs emanating from readers' mouths. I can already see zzzs emanating from my mouth. But Wordle is too cool not to use, plus it's just interesting to see the trends my novel is taking, and what it reveals about the story. If you look below, you will see that the most common words (in order) are: island, tower, and singer. I love it already.

Wordle: Project Voldemort: Part 1