David Copperfield kind of crap

Didn't realize until he was gone how much I wanted to sit down and talk with J.D. Salinger. I didn't admire him quite as much as some people did, but it's clear to me that he was a brilliant, if neurotic, man.

Of course if I had traveled all the way over to New Hampshire, he probably wouldn't have given me the time of day, being that he was, for much of his life, a virtual recluse. But let's pretend that it could have happened. That if I bought a plane ticket and went out there he would have been impressed by my impetuousness and the complete lack of cause for my desire to speak with him, to sit down to tea and ask for his thoughts on...well, for his thoughts on anything, really.

Salinger, in some alternate universe we're having a picnic and watching the sun go down. Too bad it isn't this one.