1000 Words A Day: Project Voldemort #5

Wordle: Project Voldemort #5

Today's top three: day, time, and one.

Project Voldemort has not been going exactly as well as I'd planned. I have trouble sometimes figuring out how to stay on track with writing projects - I think it's mostly to do with the fact that I haven't come up with a strategy that really works for me.

When I started I decided that I would just write straight through the story, taking twists and plunges whenever it came up naturally in the situation. This strategy is not really working for me so far... I've skipped certain sections in order to get to scenes that I really want to write, which possibly means that I should have started at a different point in the story...

At this point it's clear that the "just write" strategy isn't quite working. I think I may take a few days to throw together a blurry outline of where I think this story is going. Maybe I'll find that outlining is the best fit with my writerly style.

Sometimes I just feel better if I have a road map.