Ah, the first day of school. You shine your shoes, put on your plaid skirt, carry a red apple for the teacher... Well, I'm (a few) years past that, at least. But today was the first day of school, and for some reason, it carried that special buffed-apple feeling for me. Maybe it's because it's my last semester of college - now that it's soon to pass, I don't want to miss a thing? Classes! Homework! Tests! Bring it on!

At the end of the day, it was a mixed bag. The weather was lovely - pouring rain all day, as well as intermittent lightning, thunder, and hail. Since I didn't get (exceptionally) wet, I didn't much mind. Other than that, there were the classes. I'm taking three political science classes, and so far they average out to "not bad." My first class, about ethics in the international sphere, was excellent. I'm looking forward to that one a lot. Second was one about American public policy (self-centered, I know), which was still good, although the bespectacled professor wasn't nearly as striking as the smart-talking lecturer from the ethnics ethics class. (I just can't stop typing ethnics when I mean ethics! Hopefully by next week I'll have trained myself out of it.) The third class, however, is promising to be a bit of a challenge. It's about China's foreign policy, and the professor has the most unfortunately thick Chinese accent. I have to strain my ears at all times just to understand him. I guess on the bright side, I won't be falling asleep in his class. Also, I believe I heard him make a few jokes. Maybe. Or he could have been saying "ethics" instead of "elephants".

I have two more classes I haven't made it to yet - two creative writing workshops - but so far I've seen enough to know that my last semester of college is looking good. Now I just get to worry about looking for jobs...