Contests, capers, 'corns, captivation

I suppose this deserves a mash title, but I like my alliteration better at the moment. 

1. Contests. There is a contest going on to win signed copies of the Wake trilogy at the delightfully illustrated blog, Ramblings of a Wannabee Scribe - go here to enter, if it piques your interest.

2. Capers. I've been a bit down on real news recently, so I thought the time had come to share a few tidbits of "this is what you get when you go to college where I go to college" news. I helped out with the sign-ups for the intramural sports (mostly soccer) a few weeks ago. Let me tell you - competition to get into the (limited) leagues is fierce. The sign-ups started at 7:00 in the morning (I was there, working, at 6:00); I saw people camping out starting at 3:30 the previous afternoon. Talk about your hardcore soccer players. Semi-related to that: I got to watch the sun rise. It was kind of nice. Also, I saw a few people riding their bicycles around with various accoutrement: one guy was riding in the rain with an umbrella, the other with fifteen pizza boxes strapped to the rack in the back. Other than that, college around here remains college.

3. 'corns. My cheating way of saying unicorns, just because I will keep to the alliteration, at all costs. I went to a reading by Brenda Hillman, as part of the Holloway Series in Poetry. My favorite favorite favorite lines were these, the last from a poem entitled "String Theory Sutra":

"The unicorn puts its head                     on your lap; from there it
sees the blurry edge. How am
I so unreal & yet my                      thread is real it asks sleepily~~"

Darling. Adorable. Squee. You can imagine the unicorn, so like an innocent puppy. Since this is a way I had never previously imagined unicorns, it appealed to me. Besides, it's a unicorn. Come on.

4. Captivation. New favorite TV show: Lie to me*. It's basically about this genius guy (Dr. Cal Lightman) who's an expert at interpreting body language and microexpressions, and he solves mysteries and ferrets out the truth. What's not to love about that? This show is kind of in the same vein as Bones (genius people use advanced techniques to discover truth). Both of these shows, incidentally, make me want to run around and get doctorates in completely irrelevant areas (psychology and forensic anthropology, respectively).

Lastly, there was this moment today when a girl asked about one of Henry VIII's wives (for a crossword puzzle), and I listed all six of them, in order, from memory. Yes, that was my kick-ass moment of the day. Depressing? I prefer to think of it as finally putting my random knowledge to good use.