Helloooo my internet darlings! It's been too long! I have pined without your presence! Suffered! Died just a little on the inside!

Well. Now I'm back! Triumphant! The conquering hero returns! It's been busybusybusy over here, hence the slight internet absence, but while I was away from the mother ship I did some thinking about this blog I've got here.

Since I entered the blogosphere, I've had a slight aversion to scheduled blog events. You know, the Mundane Monday, Widdershins Wednesday, Fractal Friday, etc. etc. However, I'm thinking more and more that having some sort of set schedule might make sense. Knowing ahead of time that on Mondays I will be unexceptionally mundane would drastically cut down on the time I spend staring blankly at the computer screen, thinking, Maybe I can write about the blinking cursor on the screen, and its connection to the transience of life. Yeah.

So without further ado I am opening the discussion up to my lovely followers (and anyone else who'd like to pitch in). I'm thinking about moving towards a more set blog schedule. The question is, what should be my set? There are many many options, including:
  • Books
  • Movies / TV
  • Current events
  • Mystery bag
  • Jobs
  • Dreams
  • Writing
Be assured that if/when these categories are unveiled, they will have suitably witty names. But put in a vote if you want, and feel free to suggest anything you think I'm missing.