Things I should have learned years ago

Perhaps the most important thing I should have learned years ago is that when the hunger strikes, one must answer!

Some people are able to go long periods of time without food. Occasionally, I find myself among those people, working without relief for whole days on end with nothing more than a stale crust of bread and brackish water. By choice, of course...

Today, however, was not one of those days. Having adequately fed myself the midday meal, I found myself too distracted by my political science reading to realize that I was slowly contracting a headache. Why? Not from the dizzying realms of Madisonian theory, no. Indeed, my pre-migraine sufferings were the result of insufficient nourishment!

I've always been like this. When I go too long without food, I first get a headache. Then I get cranky. When I was younger, I had a tendency to burst into tears for no apparent reason (the underlying being, of course, that I needed food). These days, it's rare that hunger actually drives me to tears. I've gotten better at being self aware and proactive, as (I assume) most people are when it comes to their stomachs. But today is special, apparently.

Today is also the day I discover, upon opening the cupboards, cabinets, and refrigerator, that there is no food left in the house. Now it is my painful choice between a long walk in the cold to the nearest grocery store, or scrounging up what I can from the earthquake rations and stale cracker dust grafted to the bottom of the near-empty boxes of wheat thins. Wish me luck.