You know it's just one of those days when...

...Britney Spears is the girl you wake up to in the morning. Oh, Britney. You have your place in the world, I'm sure. Once upon a time (ten years of it), that place was in my beat up CD player, wailing snazzy pop tune after snazzy pop tune. But that time is past, and your place is no longer in my beat up CD player. It is also certainly not in my head, belting out "Lucky" on repeat, with some music video accompaniment thrown in for kicks.

I also woke up from a dream which involved a cursed man-wolf intent on eating me, as well as an army intent on subjugating my class group to its Nazi-like will, and horrible water-ruined cupcakes. That may have had something to do with it.

Now it's off to class. Britney, babe, it's time to go home.

"She's so lucky... She's a star... But she cry cry cries in her lonely hearrrrtttt..."

Oh, god.