Alice (and music)

As if I wasn't already looking forward to Alice in Wonderland. I just heard "Alice's Theme," one of the songs on the soundtrack, and I was hooked. How many times have I listened to it? Twice? Three times? Oh wait - iTunes just repeated it again... I love the song, and can't even explain exactly why I love it. To me it has shades of the score from A Beautiful Life in there, as well as the chorus from A Little Princess (the one with Liesel Matthews). Yum.

This got me thinking about great soundtracks. Many writers (especially recently) have talked about the "soundtracks" to their books - the songs that played in their head (and through their earphones) while they were writing, the main character's love theme, the song to play while a journey is taking place... I myself have never done that, probably because contemporary songs wouldn't really fit with my decidedly uncontemporary writing. But I do love music to write to. Especially movie soundtracks. Maybe I'm the only one who loves them as a background to heavy duty writing, but I hope I'm not. There are an abundance of great movie soundtracks out there too: Pirates of the Caribbean (the first), Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightley one), Stardust, and Lord of the Rings, to name a few. Gah, they're great. I once had an urge to make an a cappella arrangement of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

More generally, though, I've been wondering about the human predisposition toward music. It's everywhere, in so many different forms. I read somewhere that music (specifically, rhythm) is inherent in our nature, that it's been around longer than history, and that it may be part of why we are so different from most of the other creatures on this Earth. Now that I'm thinking about it again, I really want to go back and find that piece, whether it was an article or a book. I feel like I was too young at the time to really get what was going on.

Suffice to say (for now) that I think music is just beautiful. Certainly I have my specific tastes, but think about it. Music! I literally get chills and goosebumps when I hear some voice or instrument or melody that's particularly moving. I wish I could be a composer. I feel like you need an alien brain or something to do it - I could never keep the notes straight in my head. And the instruments! All the different instruments!