I changed my mind

It could not be worse. Because not only am I in head pains (now progressed to feverish head pains), there are throat pains, swollen eyes (no, not from crying), and an ear that refuses to hear straight. That plus a phenomenal exhaustion that means that everything weighs three times its normal size, ensuring that I cannot walk ten minutes to class without breaking into a sweat and collapsing, upon arrival, into a rickety wooden chair that scarcely holds my weight normally, much less the defeated head I now drop on its desk panel. (That would be my head, not a dead orc's.)

Anyway, I was going to regale you with an introductory post on how to start thinking ethically about the Rwandan genocide (and I swear, it was going to be one of those ones that is interesting and intelligently informative). But since I now cannot think beyond a moan, I will leave you with a short parting message:

Dealing with Dragons. Read it. Now. It was one of my all time childhood favorites, and it still is. Short, lovely, escapist, a dollop of fantasy humor and poking-fun, a dash of intelligent heroine, some crazy goings-on... In short, it's a perfectly cheery perfect book for when you're feeling slightly majorly under the weather.

Be back soon. Hopefully without a broken wrist, but hey - with the way things are going, you never know.