I was trying to come up with something suitably alliterative for the title of this post. The best word I could come up with was "quality," but that wasn't sufficiently book-related to merit a spot, so for now we are simply "Quarterlies". (For explanation of said naming dilemma, read on.)

It has come to my attention that we are just about three months into 2010. Yeesh. A full quarter of a year has gone by, but I still feel like it's January. Except for all the sunlight. And the pollen. Maybe the reason things are moving fast is that this is a big year for me - I'm graduating college, (hopefully) getting my first "real" job, and in essence transitioning into the "real world". No more languorous student life for me - from here (technically, May) on out, it's every college-graduate-entering-a-crap-job-market for herself.

But this is not a nostalgic piece, although I may have fooled you thus far. This post is about books. Thus far, I have read 53 books in 2010. This fact in itself is not notable; I have actually been reading rather slowly, by my standards, because of the external pressures of two jobs and a full course load. What is notable about these 53 books is that overall, they have been much better than I expected them to be.

No one wants to waste time on bad books, of course, but I assume that most of us take the occasional bad apple for granted. Unless you have some kind of book-related superpower (being able to smell quality? or enabling great books to glow neon green in the dark?), your book selections will sometimes include the sub par. Not so for me, at least in the first three months of 2010. There have been a few books I haven't been thrilled by, but still! Far less than I was expecting, and that means that for the last three months, I have been floating in the Blissful Sea of Bookish Bounties.

Because of how darn good it feels to be reading good books all (or at least most) of the time, I am instituting a new feature on my blog, the first actual, honest to goodness, regularly scheduled, feature. Quarterlies! (Although - does it really count if they only come out once every three months? Anyway...) Coming out in the next couple of days, Quarterly #1 will have capsule reviews of the best of 2010 (thus far), rather like my Best of 2009 post. Now we can all float away in the Blissful Sea of Bookish Bounties together! My gift to you!

Now you see the need for a book-related word starting with Q. Anyone?

PS: I am not particularly interested in April Fool's Day, but Ernest is. He may be bringing you a guest post. Possibly about honey.