Owl Appreciation Day

Owl Appreciation Day is amazing. I wake up and think to myself, "Wow. Owls are awesome. I should appreciate me some owls today." So here's why you should too:

1. Owls deliver the post in Harry Potter. Also, the OWLs are the first big exams that aspiring witches and wizards must pass.

2. Owls are very wise. It's well known that many years ago, owls stayed up with their reading glasses so late that the glasses were eventually plastered on to their faces. Hence the wise owl look.

3. Athena's most awesome familiar was the owl. Since Athena is pretty much the most kick ass goddess in Greek mythology, I vote it wise to follow her lead.

4. There is an owl on what has to be the best shirt ever on Threadless. (Also, see #2.)

5. The owl's archenemy is the bat. Okay, kidding. The owl's real archenemy is the elusive jackalope.

6. There are adorable knitted owls waiting for you at Sonshine Thoughts. Go here to enter.

7. Sometimes, owls burrow.

8. Owls can spin their heads around in woozy ways.

9. David Bowie as King of the Goblins found it prudent to turn into an owl. Since David Bowie as Goblin King is awesomely creepy/cool, we must infer that owls may also be awesomely creepy/cool.

10. If you go into the woods at night and hoot, you may encounter a talking owl who will laugh at your awful owl accent and instruct you as to the correct hooting syntax and pronunciation. If that's not awesome, then what is?

In closing, a short public service announcement from the government of awesomeness: "Owls have been endorsed as intelligent choices by JK Rowling, David Bowie/Goblin King, and Athena. They all appreciate owls. So make the right choice. Make every day Owl Appreciation Day."