A story a day keeps the doctor away!

I know, I know. I shouldn't be starting something when I'm already way behind in the middle of my 1000 Words A Day challenge. But this has a purpose! I swear!

It's a little thing called the Story A Day challenge, wherein participants are called upon to write one complete story a day during the month of May. You may have questions: What counts as a story? How long does it have to be? Does every day really mean...gulp...every day?

The answer to those questions (and more) is: It depends on you! A story could be 50 words, or it could be 5,000. You could do every day, or you could take Sundays off, or take other days off...like the days that end in 'y'? (The rule here is that you have to state this as your intention before you start writing.)

Anyway, I'll be using this to help build the world that Project Voldemort (still without a better name - come on, guys!) exists in. Eventually (crossed fingers) I want to be able to write a whole series in this world, so the more I know about it, the better. 1000 Words A Day remains the vehicle for actually writing the story. Story A Day is soon to be the vehicle for learning more about the world it takes place in.

I will be taking the weekends off to rest my weary fingers. If interested, join me! (In writing, not in weekends off. Not that you can't join me in that too.)