What am I?

The time has come for a moment of truth. I've been having a lot of fun poking around the blogging world, discovering this and that, getting to know a bunch of like-minded people, and imparting my book taste to the (few) people who actually pay attention to me. It's been an enlightening few months.

But the time has come for something more. Something new and shiny and even better, I daresay. The time has come to choose my colors.

KarenG has been talking about this recently in an enlightening series of posts: pick what your blog is about, and stick with it. I've been dabbling. My interests are far flung, and they don't always overlap, and that makes Elephants On Trapezes... scattered, to say the least. While I consider all of my interests, from soccer to Rwanda to choir, to be blog-worthy, I am choosing, from this moment forth, to blog chiefly about writing.

Why? Because I was fooling around during lecture today and looking at all the writing I have saved on my laptop (some pieces dating back to 2001, if you can believe it), and remembering with a fresh mind that what I want to do - what I've always wanted to do - is be a writer. And if I'm going to do that, it's really time to get off my butt (or on my butt in front of a computer, as the case may be) and make it happen. Dream the impossible dream.

So, to orient more of my life in the direction of writing, I'm turning this blog's helm towards our noble ink-stained craft. Less about pizza. More about writing, reading, and the intersection of the two, with minimal (though still present) interludes about the rest of the world.

Like the process of redesigning my blog, this transformation will take time. It's hard to say exactly what will stay and what will go, or what my blog posts will start to consist of. But here's to now as a time for new beginnings.