Blog hop! (Round two)

Joining the hop! The Friday Blog Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books, and it's pretty much what it says it is. Every Friday, bloggers who blog primarily about books run around like headless chickens, visiting other bloggers who blog primarily about books.

It's Friday again! I'm thinking about making this a monthly thing - my last Blog Hop was the last Friday of April, so as of now I'm right on track. Welcome to all those who come through the Blog Hop! Feel free to leave a comment!

Here are a few blogs I found (and started loving) through the last Blog Hop:

1. She Is Too Fond Of Books. Why? Well, I think that should be obvious - anyone who quotes Louisa May Alcott and uses Elizabeth Bennet as an icon is awesome. Plus, Whitney (proprietor of said blog) just started this awesome feature that I love: Femme Fatale Fridays. Go check her out!

2. The Bodacious Pen. After a few name switcheroos, Tara has landed on The Bodacious Pen, and assures us this one is here to stay. It's hard to say what I like best about this one - could it be the unique header? The especially thoughtful reviews? The fact that she's pointed me in the direction of several books I'm sure I'll love (which only proves she's cool, as we have strikingly similar book tastes)? Well, anyway - she's pretty cool.

3. The Reading Ape. After so many book blogs, they all start to blur together before your eyes... But not the The Reading Ape. This blog is effortlessly different. If you're into posts of a more intellectual flavor, the Reading Ape, professor of literature and writing by day, has you covered.