In absentia

Well, even though I graduated (!?!?) a week and a half ago, I've still managed to make myself crazy with the busy. I've got a part time job (two of them, actually), and there has also been some MAJOR cleaning/organizing/tearing hair out. So, you may be wondering, what exactly have I been up to? Maybe I'll put this in list format.

1. BOOKS! READING! I was starved for them, absolutely famished, and I had 30 (yes, you read that right - 30!) books out from the library. So far I've read over ten and returned them, but then borrowed some more, putting my total right around 23. Net loss though, so that's good, right? I also took the time today to sort through all the other miscellaneous books I've got and put some aside for giving away. (For those interested, I joined PaperBackSwap today - will let you know how that goes. I've already received requests for six of my eleven listed books!)

2. Clearing my head. Otherwise known as, creating time in the day. My first step: culling the blog roll. In the morning, I'm accustomed to waking up, checking e-mail, and reading blogs. (Maybe that's a habit that should change, come to think of it... Hmmm...) But it got to the point where I was doing this for one or two hours every morning! Why? Because I was following 250 blogs! Yes, too much. So I made a resolution to cut down to 100. It was difficult, but I was ruthless. I haven't quite hit 100 (I did make it to 140), but already it's changed so much! I've quartered the time I spend on the internet each morning! Lovely! I'll talk later about what I learned about my tastes while culling...

3. Preparing! What for, you may ask. And the answer is... the Denver Publishing Institute. You can learn all about it on their website, but the basic gist is to teach the Eager Learners (me) about the ins and outs of the book publishing business, and to prepare them for taking some sort of entry-level assistant-type job in publishing after they get out. It's this July and August, and the more I think about it the more excited I am! Publishing! I'm going to learn about publishing! I've already learned so much just by hanging around the internet and following authors, agents, editors, etc., and I can't wait to add to that store of casually-attained knowledge. They are sending me a box of advance assignments! Not just advance assignments, but a BOX! And then of course I'm supposed to attain some job in publishing... But honestly, right now I'm just excited to learn about the field. I will most likely make this into a series.

4. Cleaning! Yes, cleaning. Doing dishes and such. Today I went through all my books (see above) which had been scattered around my desk, and came away with neat(ish) piles and categories and reading plans of action. And a more organized desk. Next up: my bedroom. The kitchen could stand some sorting through as well...

What else... You may notice I didn't say I was writing. Yes, that's correct. Too busy, too many changes, too much planning to do! But that's going to change. When? Right now! I will soon share the Ultimate Goal with you, and you will laugh in the face of my extreme naivete and stupidity. But that's for another day.