Life update and contest driveby

Well, well, well... So I'm done. Took my last college final yesterday morning, went to bed and slept for close to twelve hours. I've been thinking for the past day about what I wanted to say here, about writing something brilliant about the future, etc. etc., but kept bumping into this problem: I don't know how I feel about having graduated! Possibly because it's still too soon - I need time to get used to the idea!

Anyway, this is just to say I'm back, or will soon be. In the meantime, here's a list of a bunch of contests going around right now. Some most all of them are pretty cool.

Urban Fantasy Book Giveaway at SFF Chat: win a book by Anne Aguirre, C.E. Murphy, Laurell K. Hamilton, or Maria Lima - ends May 31.

Wind Warrior Giveaway at Ex Libris: win a copy of Wind Warrior, by Cynthia Roberts - ends May 23.

Massive Birthday Extravaganza at I Should Be Writing: win excellent YA books OR a writer's support pack - ends June 10.

Lord of the Changing Winds Giveaway at My Words and Pages: win a book with griffins - ends May 31.

It's Raining Cupcakes Giveaway at The Eager Readers: win a book with cupcakes! - ends May 31.