On book reviews (the 2010 edition)

I spoke briefly about book reviews in 2009, but since my views (and this blog) have recently undergone a slight shift, I thought I'd do well to make some clarifying comments.

I do not intend for Elephant On Trapezes to be primarily a book review blog. Many of those already exist, and while their collective existence is wonderful, their purpose is not (exactly) mine. Many of those blogs were begun with the express purpose of keeping track of books read; I already do that on Goodreads. Thus, to review every single book I read would be time consuming and redundant.

I do rate every book I read (from 1 to 5 stars) on Goodreads, sometimes with a few brief sentences containing my general thoughts on the book, so if you're interested in what I'm reading, you can find me here. However, I will not write a complete review of a book unless I feel strongly about it. Because of this, most of the reviews you will find on Elephants on Trapezes will be positive - I am not particularly interested in bashing a book just because I didn't like it.

An exception to this propensity is the book-for-review dilemma. I am absolutely open to receiving ARCs and books for review from authors/publishers/anyone who would like me to review a book. If I accept such a book, I will write a review consisting of my honest, unbiased thoughts, regardless of how the book came into my possession. If I love a book, of course I'll say it. On the flip side, if I dislike a book, I will say that as well. This being said, I will never post a negative review of a book without indicating why I didn't like it; saying only "I hated it" is unproductive and completely without merit.

Now that I've gotten this far I feel as though I'm forgetting to write something, but that might just be because I've no idea how to end this post. I assume that once I remember, that too will become an "on book reviews" post. Perhaps the July edition?