Twenty is a special number. Why? No particular reason. It's nice. Divisible by five and four. A number that we, being base ten-raised people, appreciate. Also, I'm twenty years old. But twenty is special for a reason other than that. Twenty is special because I recently hit twenty followers.

(Okay, so I'm currently at 20+. But when I wrote this post I was at 20, and by Jove, I'm sticking with it! Plus, 20+ is not necessarily divisible by both four and five. Continuing now...)

While I am a starving college student (a starving unemployed bum with a diploma in less than two weeks) and therefore unable to afford big things for a twenty-follower-celebration, I would like to take a moment to say that I appreciate all of you who are hanging out in the wings, whether you're commenting or just reading. And to show part of my appreciation, I'm going to take a page from someone else's book and give out book recommendations.

If you are a follower (or just someone passing through), feel free to comment with the last five books you read and enjoyed, and I'll hunt down a good book for you to try out. While it may seem like I am perpetually inundated in YA sci-fi/fantasy, I am marginally more widely read than that and am pretty good at these sorts of things. (Considering I was raised in a library, it's only natural.)

Also, if you are a follower and want a chance to win something real, send followers my way! I promise to have something tangible to give out once I hit fifty.