The Beginning

Here we go. As per fairyhedgehog's suggestion, I've installed a word count widget. It's all shiny, see? And brand new! I was a little hesitant to do it because, among other reasons, I've been writing by hand for a while, and in order to utilize a widget you must (I'm sad to say) type. On the other hand, the whole point of writing by hand was to get more done, and see how dismally wonderfully that turned out? I also liked the idea of the widget because it's way more concrete than saying - hey, I'll post something when I write something. Instead, it's just there. Staring at you. Right at the top of the page. And it's not going anywhere.

I've started at 0, just because 0 seems like the right place to start. 60,000 is an arbitrary number, taken in part because I've done NaNoWriMo, and each year have hit 50,000 without even killing off a secondary character. So I'm assuming my novel will break 50,000 easily - we'll see where it goes after that. (The lesson here is that you should be looking at the word count rather than the percentage complete.)

What else will I be doing this month? you may ask. Well, I'll still be reading and posting sporadic reviews. I'll most likely be doing some posts about how much my writing is sucking glowing, and what kinds of books I'm seeking inspiration from. There may be a few Denver Publishing Institute posts as my departure grows nearer. And if the world blows up, there may be notice given here.

And now, to the keyboard!