Book Swap! (You should definitely definitely read this one.)

So I first heard about this a few months ago on the internet (I kind of forgot where - forgive me?). At the time I tried to get in on it, but interest petered out and it never got going. So I was thrilled when an actual letter was sent my way! Full text below: 

"This is an informal book swap. There is no money involved and no meetings. Please send a paperback book you have already enjoyed to the person listed on the back of this sheet. There is no need to box the book when you mail it. It will be interesting to see where the books come from that you will receive. You should receive 36 books in all.

Copy this letter and send it out to six different people. DO NOT SEND THEM A BOOK. Put my address on the back of the six letters you send out. Include six address labels with YOUR ADDRESS in each of the letters you send out, so that they can put them on the back of their letters.

If you can't do this within one week, let me know so that we can be fair to the participants. I have been told there is seldom a person that doesn't participate because you only have to mail one book."

So you send out a few letters, mail out one (used or unused) book... And get 36 in return. 36. 36! Thirty six books that other people have loved and recommended specifically to you. How cool is that?

I thought that you people would be interested in this, since it's simple, relatively painless, and bookish. Books! Without further ado, I'm opening up the comments to interested participants. If you would like to get in on the action (and I really hope you will), just leave a comment! I need six interested people to get this started, and if there are more, I'll just do some math magic and make it work for more!