Hometown glory, or "on libraries"

I've been visiting home for a few days, and today I took the opportunity to go to my library. Twenty minutes later (because that's all I allowed myself), I walked out with fifteen books. These books I will now lug back with me to my apartment, to be added to the 20+ books I have from the local library near my apartment. Umm... Oops?

There's a reason for this, actually, and the reason is this: My hometown library is WAYYY better than my local library. My hometown library is AWESOME. My local library is simply adequate.

My local library is only adequate because while it has a decent selection (and is a member of LINK+, which is a plus), the design is just horrible. It's not conducive to anything other than book storage. When I am there I do not feel invited to browse and hang out - I'm there to get my books and get out.

My hometown library is AWESOME because it is AWESOME. It also has a great selection, and is a member of LINK+. And it was renovated (once, majorly, about twelve years ago, and another minor renovation about three years ago). These renovations resulted in a library designed for people to hang out in. So when I went to my library today, I wasn't looking for any particular book. I was just looking for some books, and I had a pleasant time looking for them. The YA section (called the Teen Zone) is also the best kept teen section I've seen in a library, and the selection is great.

Anyway, the moral of this story is this: I have great library access, when you put them together. Everyone should have such library access, and it's truly a pity that so many people don't/aren't interested. My local library is fine for getting books from my to-read list - basically, it's fine if you know what you're looking for. But my hometown library is just awesome, because that's where I discover new books to read. Although I have so many books on my to-read list I shouldn't even be looking at new books.