Blog Hop! (Round three)

Joining the hop! The Friday Blog Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy For Books, and it's pretty much what it says it is. Every Friday, bloggers who blog primarily about books run around like headless chickens, visiting other bloggers who blog primarily about books.

It's Friday again! Since I last participated, Jennifer started asking questions each week - all in the spirit of getting to know one another, I suppose. This week's question:

Tell us about some of your favorite authors and why they are your favorites!

The Reading Ape argues against the existence of a "favorite author," and I tend to agree. But there are a few authors who have captured me recently... First, Sharon Shinn. I love love love the way she world-builds - I think her Samaria series is brilliant because of it, and her Twelve Houses series is in a world I want to live in. Not to mention those characters are so awesome I want to be them all. At the same time. My second favorite author at the moment has to be Gail Carriger. I mean, how could you not love an author whose series is called The Parasol Protectorate? Victorian werewolf/vampire historical sci-fi with a twist and a light dash of steampunk, British wit, and just a smattering of steamy romance - yum! Goodreads says she's been contracted for five books... I'm certainly looking forward to that.

Here are a few blogs I found (and started loving) through the last Blog Hop:

1. Dead White Guys. The girl over there (yeah, the one who makes her own musicals in public) gives her own take on the classics, period. None of this YA nonsense - we're talking those doorstop tomes. Oh... Just go, okay?

2. What Miss Kelley Is Reading. The adventures of a middle school teacher who reads with an eye toward her students: every review comes attached to a ruling on whether she'd make the book available to the lovable munchkins she teaches. She had an excellent post recently about what all her shelves look like right now, which I found fascinating.

3. Ex Libris. The thing I like best about this blog? That Stella's spotlighting different genres each month. This month's genre? Paranormal Romance!