Cue freakout here

Sooo... I haven't really been here (read: that weird nether-space called the internet) lately. Why? Because I've been freaking out about the Denver Publishing Institute.

I'm a big freaker-outer. It comes from being mildly obsessive about knowing the plan. How we're going to get there, when, why, in what vehicle... Right now, I'm worried worried worried about packing the wrong stuff, forgetting things, ending up in Denver and realizing I don't know anything about publishing and would never ever make a good editor/anything in the publishing business... It's all there.

Cue deep breath. Two, maybe three. It's times like these (which would be just about the entire past week) where I need to grab myself by the neck and dunk myself in cold water. I'm positive (absolutely positive) that once I get there, I will have an incredible time. It's just the getting there part that's messing me up.

Okay, that was a rather long indulgence in my freaker-outer-ness. Moving on... I'm leaving on Saturday, and I'll be there for a month. That means less reading and book reviews for you to peruse (I'm restraining myself from packing too many, since I know I'll be swamped by DPI stuff and really won't have time to read). Instead, I'll be writing about the coolest things I learn about the publishing business. Hopefully that's a decent substitute.

Coolest thing about Denver so far? They have a bike-share program (B-Cycle), which as far as I can tell is the only one of its kind in the country, although there are plans to change that. That's awesome.