DPI: Day one, or, some people do amazing things

Well, today was the first day. Lovely breakfast complete with round tables and tablecloths, served by students at the school for hotel management here at DU. Beyond that, though, we heard from some really awesome people.

These people were... Michael Jacobs, formerly of many houses and now the President and CEO of Abrams Books; Andrea Schulz, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; and lastly, Kirk Farber, the author of the newly released Postcards From A Dead Girl.

Wow. Let me just say... Wow. All of the lecturers were just amazing, in different ways. They all had such interesting and illuminating and inspiring things to say about the publishing business, this business they are all so clearly passionate about. I learned a ton just sitting and listening to them talk, but I also learned something else: There is a lot of stuff that I already knew. How? Because of all of you.

I'm serious. For an aspiring writer/publisher/whatever-I-am, discovering so many quality blogs of writers and agents and editors has been an incredibly educational and eyeopening experience, one I didn't fully appreciate until I heard these very important people talking about their experience in a field that many people know nothing about...and realizing that I knew some of that already, just by keeping my eyes open and my ear to the ground - or internet, as it were.

So I'm having a grand time so far. I've heard from some amazing people, and visited an amazing bookstore (Tattered Cover Book Store). I would have pictures to post from the bookstore, but I got there only to discover that I'd forgotten to put my battery back in the camera after recharging it! Sigh. I will be back, though, so I will take pictures then.

Until the next time! Must sleep now...