DPI: Editors are friends, not food

I've been learning a lot. And a lot of what I've been learning boils down to this: Editors are friends, not food.

Now, I'm an aspiring writer, but I haven't gotten so far as an agent or editor - I haven't even gotten far enough to have a draft I'd call successful - so I can't really know what the author-editor relationship is like. And certainly it's different from person to person. However, I can imagine that there are authors out there who get frustrated at times when their editors don't quite see eye to eye with them regarding the status of those shiny, lovely books. It must sometimes feel bad to get a fifteen page editorial critique, or see an endless stream of line edits in colored pencil down the page.

When this happens, it's important to remember: Editors are friends. (Not food!) Your editor is your book's biggest fan/cheerleader/advocate in your publishing house. Your editor is the one who will wring more money out of the house for an advance, she is the one who will convince marketing to put more money behind your book for its release, the editor is the one who will work tirelessly for your book because she believes in it, because she doesn't want that book getting lost in a mile-long publishing list. Trust me, your editor is your book's best friend. And those endless critiques? The marked up manuscripts? It's all because your editor wants your book to be the absolute best book it can possibly be.

So kids, remember. Love your editors. They are the ones who are behind your books all the way.

And editors? You rock. You are awesome. Just saying.