In preparation for Mockingjay...

...I've been rereading the previous books. The internet has recently been abuzz with lots and lots of news about these three books, so I'll keep it short and sweet while I talk (briefly) about The Hunger Games.

This is the second time I've read it - the first, according to Goodreads, was just over a year ago. I'm impressed by many things Suzanne Collins does. Her action sequences, for instance. Love those. Whenever I try to write stuff like that, it ends up coming out like "He hit her. She hit him back. They rolled on the ground." Etc., etc. But Collins has a knack for putting the reader into the story, right at the heart of the fighting and blood and gore, which completely escapes me, and which I adore.

I was also thrilled, by the way, by the cover and jacket design. They are gorgeous - simple and evocative. I especially love the mockingjay design on the cover itself.

(Warning: Spoilers here, for those who have not yet read The Hunger Games. Ahead lie the moments of the book that hit me the hardest.)

Finally, on the reread, I was especially struck by the scenes with Katniss and her sister, Prim, as well as the scenes with Katniss and Rue. Maybe I'm just in a sentimental frame of mind right now, but I was very affected by those scenes. The image of Prim as she walked forward when called to be District 12's female tribute, and the desperation which overtook Katniss' actions as she rushed to take Prim's place. The descriptions of Prim's adoration for her cat and goat. The way Rue, shy and timid, warned Katniss about the wasp nest, and how they curled up together in the same sleeping bag. How Rue ran to Katniss in her last moments, and how Katniss sang her to sleep in the end... Not going to lie: I cried three times while rereading those parts. For me, at least right now, that's what hit the hardest.

What about you? What stayed with you the longest after you finished the book?