It's go time

So I know this didn't work too well last time, but guess what? This time it's different.

Exhibit A: I have an outline. Sort of. I have some of an outline, and I spent the better part of a month contemplating my story while I was away.

Exhibit B: My birthday is in exactly one month. (Or it was when I first made this goal.) Artificial deadlines aside, my birthday would be the absolute perfect day to be done with the worst first draft in the history of the world.

Exhibit C: Not only have I been contemplating my story, I've been contemplating sequels to my story. Yes, there will be sequels.

Anyway, that all goes to say that it's time. My goal? To finish the first draft of my current WIP by September 11, 2010. Wish me luck.

(And it's happening this time. There will be updates. Serious updates.)