Progress Report #1

I'm proud to report that my main character (who, oddly, does not yet have a name) has made it from her starting situation into the fray of the story.

I'm pretty pleased about this. While I am not writing quite as much as I wanted to be writing, I'm still writing more and more consistently than I ever have on a novel (with the exception of NaNoWriMo, which doesn't really count because what I tend to do there is vomit words from my hands through a keyboard onto a screen).

I'm also pleased by the fact that I'm really interested in what's happening to this character right now. Which means that theoretically (in a couple of years and a few dozen rewrites) you might be too.

You may be expecting a word count update, and I'd love to provide one. The only problem is that I'm writing this novel the long way. That's right - by hand. It took a long time for me to figure out that the only surefire way I know to avoid the word-vomit syndrome and graduate into the next level (pretty awful prose) is to write by hand, to ensure that my words never move faster than my brain. So instead of a word count, I'll settle for a page count. As of Monday afternoon, my page count is this: 49. (You can see such updates at the right upper corner of the page, where The Final Countdown has made a reemergence on this blog.) Wish me luck!