The Writerly Chimera: Voice

I've been paying attention recently to these sorts of things - things that writers do absolutely beautifully that I wish I could do. All told, they create a chimera of what I'd love my writing to be. There has to be a better word for this. I wanted "Chimerica," but apparently that term has been been appropriated for China-America. "Chimeriad" appears to be an unfinished poem by someone? (This is slightly more legitimate.) So right now, this new feature is called The Writerly Chimera, Or, Things I Wish I Could Steal Shamelessly From Other Writers.

First up, voice, just because I've read this book the most recently. Without further ado, the honor of the Voice I'd Most Like To Steal Award goes to... The Forest of Hands and Teeth, by Carrie Ryan.

Mary's narration is superb. The writing, of course, is fabulous, which is absolutely necessary in a great book, but it's Mary's voice, her doubts, her desires, that really sucked me into the book. I believed every word that came out of her head (or at least I believed that she believed). I was frightened when she was frightened. Hopeful when she was hopeful, although always with an eye over my shoulder, watching out for zombies. In that desperate first love with her, and dying with her when she thought she'd lost everything. In short, Mary's voice is believable, sympathetic, and absolutely captivating. (That the book is about zombies doesn't hurt either.)

Yeah. My book? It's going to have a voice like Carrie Ryan's. Or I'm going to beat myself to death trying, anyway. (By the way, The Forest of Hands and Teeth is an excellent book all around, and if you're going to read only one zombie book, this is the one. Absolutely. Without question.)

What about you? What book's voice just got you, gobbled you up and carried you away?