Hello, Banned Books Week

So there's this thing going around this week that, if you're on the blogs at all, should be pretty darn difficult to miss. This thing? Banned Books Week.

I've been thinking about the right way to address it on my blog. Such things require some thought - for example, what should I write about? It is okay just to address the same things that other people have already discussed? How many times can people be told that yeah, this book is stellarly important because it got banned before the whole idea gets old? (The answer, my friends, is unlimited.)

So I'm going to go about it this way: There will be a post every day this week. And every day, I'll be talking up a book/series that should be universally read. And I'll also (if you're lucky) be linking to something else I've found discussing Banned Book Week that is just totally ridiculously awesome. Oh, yeah. I've already got major things to post in that category. Now my problem is just figuring out what books to limit myself to...