This is Mark Twain.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I think Mark Twain is a pretty cool guy. Consider the following:
  1. Both his pen name (Mark Twain) and his real name (Samuel Clemens) are awesome.
  2. There will never be books quite like his again, so clearly by Mark Twain. I must confess I'm not an exceptional fan of the books (I think this stems from that time in high school where I had to write a deductive essay off of Huck Finn, which probably means I should give the books another chance), but you can't deny that they had style.
  3. Mark Twain strikes me as an incredibly conscious person - that is to say, he considered what he wrote. Did you know that he went back and forth about the note at the beginning of Huck Finn, settling eventually on the incredible "persons attempting to find meaning in this narrative will be shot" bit that we all know and love, instead of a more serious (and, let's face it, boring) forward? That he considered his writing so consciously brings me to my next point (and indeed, the point of this blog), which is...
The Autobiography of Mark Twain, unabridged and published according to his wishes to wait until 100 years following his death, is finally hitting shelves this fall, presented by the University of California Press.

Consider this for a moment. Mark Twain. His autobiography, so raunchy, so depraved, so scandalous he insisted on posthumous publication (by a period of 100 years!). Okay, I'm kidding about the raunchy/depraved/scandalous part. But seriously - for all you fans of Mark Twain out there, aren't you just dying to know what he wrote? I know I am, and I'm not even that big of a fan! But I can just picture myself curling up in bed with that behemoth for the next few months (it weighs in at 743 pages, and that's just the first volume), just because Mark Twain seems to me to be a guy who would make you laugh, make you cry, and simply amaze you with his brilliant, acerbic, awesome wit.

Can't wait? Neither can anyone else, apparently, because a gorgeous website (This is Mark Twain) has been rolled out to welcome all those eager Twain fanatics. Go check it out. Oh, and work on your upper body strength too - you're going to need it if you expect to lift that book.