Adventures with the Kindle (Week One)

I've had the Kindle for a week now, so I figure it's about time for an update on how things are going.

Things, as it turns out, are going swimmingly. Remember when I was that skeptical girl with the raised eyebrow and the "Okay, Kindles are fine, but I love me my print books"? Well, I still love me my print books. But as it turns out, I love my Kindle too.

I LOVE it. I LOVE it. I'd bring it to work and read all day if only it were easily mistakable as an in-house book I was referencing for some work-related reason, instead of being what it obviously is, which is a Kindle. (Duh.) As I'm a list-maker, I figured I'd do a handy-dandy list of what I've been up to.

1. Downloading books. Downloading is so nifty! Especially with that new 3G feature that enables you to access the Kindle Store from everywhere. I've downloaded a number of the free classics (all those public domain works you hated in high school), just because I wanted them. (And also to show off to friends just how FAST I can get a book sent straight to my inbox. And yes. It is FAST.)

2. Reading books. Of course! Because that's what you need to do once you've downloaded them. I've read Frankenstein for the first time ever, although Pride and Prejudice was my test download (because one's first download should always be Pride and Prejudice). Then I moved on and read two galleys from NetGalley (more on that below), and right now I'm highlighting and barreling through Northanger Abbey.

3. NetGalley. I first joined NetGalley a while ago, thinking that I'd (maybe) use it, since at the time I had no interest or inclination in an e-reader. Then, of course, the stars aligned and a Kindle fell into my lap. At approximately the same time, I got a notification from NetGalley that there were some hot new books available to request, so I tentatively made my first requests from NetGalley. Which were answered pretty much instantaneously. And then (here's the magic) I figured out how to download them onto my Kindle. For free. Awesome? Awesome.

4. Highlighting. I have to admit, I'm not a notetaker, underliner, or highlighter when it comes to my print books. I tried it once -- there was a phase in middle school where that was the thing to do, and yes, I know we were a pretentious bunch back then -- but I could never get over that feeling of desecration. Well, guess what? This feeling is nonexistent when it comes to the Kindle, because it's NOT PAPER. You can just delete a highlight later, and there will be no record of it having ever existed at all. Poof! So I've been trying it out on the hilarious Henry Tilney. Everything that comes out of his mouth is just so hilarious and awesome it's ridiculous.

In short, I love my Kindle, and I would highly recommend it for all insatiable readers. (This does NOT mean, however, that I believe the Kindle will or should supplant the print book. More on this later.) The last thing I really need to do is name it. Right now it bears the obnoxious assembly line name "Rebecca's Kindle." Anyone have a better suggestion?