Naked Books

(This only applies to hardcovers.)

How many of you take off the jackets of your book as you read? I never used to, but then I started thinking about things like longevity of the jackets, and how I wanted them to line up prettily on my custom-made bookcases someday, so I started taking off the jackets of books while I read them, replacing them once I'd finished. And boy, what a difference.

For those of you who are not in the habit of defrocking your books, I have to tell you: You should be. Some books, admittedly, are boring on the inside. But many books have been meticulously designed (both the jacket and the cover), so that once you remove the jacket, an entirely different side of the story is revealed. Maybe you can think of it as books going out to a party. When in the bookstore, they dress to impress. Every little detail counts, and everything is designed to grab attention and keep it. But once they get home the jacket comes off, and you are sometimes met with a shockingly different look. (But keep in mind -- this look is also designed to attract, even if it's not quite as flashy.)

I say it's interesting (but not essential) to defrock your books. What say you?