Well hello, gorgeous!

It's official: I received a Kindle for my birthday.

It's an interesting thing, having a Kindle. I've always been pro-print, and while I have seen the usefulness of having an e-reader (not lugging around ten pounds of books everywhere, good to travel with, etc.), I hadn't considered buying one. Not now, and not even in my wish-list "wouldn't it be nice to have this" future.

And yet here I am, with a Kindle. First impressions? Pretty. It's a pretty device, sleek, smooth, nice. The basic commands are pretty easy to learn, although more complicated stuff (highlighting, notes, etc.) I haven't quite figured out yet. (Probably because I generally don't highlight or make notes in my print books...)

Anyway, so far I've downloaded a few of those free classics from Amazon. Today I read Frankenstein for the first time, on the Kindle. Reading experience? Takes some getting used to, but acceptable. We'll see how it goes in the future.

In short, I'll definitely be using the Kindle (probably mostly for those free e-books in the near future), but what I want to hear now are your Kindle stories. Like I said, I hadn't even thought of having one, and now that there's a Kindle in my lap, I almost don't know what to do with it. Do any of you have Kindles? What do you do on them? What features do you find the most useful? Also, do any of you have a favorite Kindle cover? I definitely need to get one -- I'm not trusting my overstuffed bag to keep the Kindle intact without one.