Notes From the Stacks (1)

So I recently wrote about Books on the Nightstand, that awesome awesome book podcast that absolutely everyone should check out. Well, everyone should still check it out, but I mention it today because Cinette expressed her disappointment that the post wasn't about what books I have on my nightstand and am currently reading.

So I thought about that. It's true, I do the occasional review, and I do my monthly wrap-ups, but I don't really do regular updates on what I'm reading. This thought coincided with another of my thoughts (my disappointment that Goodreads doesn't have a very good way of keeping track of books reread), and they hung out together until I decided that yes -- maybe it would be interesting to do a semi-regular feature about what I've been reading. (It's called the Stacks -- well, because I have about 75 books, give or take, stacked around my desk at the moment, waiting to be read. A picture may or may not be forthcoming.)

So. What have I been reading? Well, I just finished rereading The Book Thief, by Marcus Zusack. I first read this book... Honestly, I can't remember when I first read it. The text is copyright 2005, so it must have been sometime between then and now. Before I reread the book, I remembered the Death bit, and that was pretty much it. So it was a great experience rereading -- I would recommend this read to all comers.

Besides that, I've started The Autobiography of Mark Twain (volume 1). It's great! I'm the kind of nerd who loves the explanatory notes at the beginning, so I'm having a ball swimming in the first 200 pages or so before Twain's actual words start. The only problem is that it's HUGE. I love that it's huge, but I went on BART a few days ago and was forced to face the fact that I could not take it along. (Because it's huge and weighs a ridiculous amount.) This would be where having the Kindle version would be helpful.

Speaking of my Kindle, it's been fairly quiet on the front, mostly because I had no cover for it and was therefore forced to leave it at home all the time. Now that I've finally ordered the cover, I'm anticipating being able to carry the Kindle around in the real world, which is, of course, very exciting.

So, more later. I've decided preemptively that I like this feature. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it'll probably hang around.