2010 in Retrospect

As we close the door (slowly, over a number of days) on 2010, I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge some big, life-changing events that happened in the last 363 days. In chronological order...

May 2010: I graduated from college.

July 2010: I attended the Denver Publishing Institute, which turned out to be a brilliant thing to do, as it led directly to...

August 2010: Getting a job. Like a real, salaried, full time job with vacation time and everything.

September 2010: I turned 21. As it turns out, this mostly meant surreptitiously sipping at other people's alcoholic drinks before making a face and spitting them out. (But I can do it legally now!)

November 2010: I finished a full rough draft of a novel, which is a: the second complete draft of a novel I've ever written, b: the first one I've done since middle school (eight years!), and c: the product of my most successful NaNoWriMo yet.

So it's been a big year for me. Here's hoping that next year will be even better, especially in the writing things category.

To all of you out there -- I'm so happy to have met a lot of you. I've discovered that the internet is far, far vaster than I ever knew, and I'm looking forward to knowing you more in the future. Happy 2010!