Every year I have scores and scores of resolutions, most of which grow dusty and fat with disuse very quickly (and are only pulled out again around this time of year, to be recycled for the new year). This year, I'm determined to be different, to be focused, and to actually make it through my list.

Resolutions in Reading
  • Join the re-reading challenge. There's this challenge that has been going around the blogosphere that involves re-reading favorite books during 2011. (Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it again -- does anyone know who's hosting it? Help?) There are a number of books and series I've been thinking about re-reading recently (Harry Potter, Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, Sabriel, etc. etc. etc.), and formalizing it would go a long way toward actually making it happen.
  • Broaden my reading horizons. My favorite genres tend to be young adult, but this past year I've been making an effort to read more, especially nonfiction. For 2011, I'm aiming to further read outside my habitual reading zones.
  • Follow authors. I'm beginning to realize that I used to be pretty bad about keeping track of authors, even if I'd read a fantastic book by someone. In 2011, I'd like to make notes of the fantastic books I read, and immediately put their authors on my to-watch list. (Already there: Gail Carriger, Carrie Ryan, and Lish McBride, among others.)
  • Read 300 books. This year (so far) I've read 259. For no particular reason, my number for 2011 is 300. (Not counting rereads.)
Resolutions in Writing
  • Write every day. Even if it's just for fifteen minutes.
  • Keep a random writing journal for thought exercises and such, and actually use it.
  • Stop worrying so much about perfection.
  • Finish one full rewrite of my NaNo 2010 novel.
Resolutions in Blogging
  •  Make a schedule and stick to it. I've been a fairly unreliable blogger my first year in, but I think I've hit upon a fairly flexible schedule that will help me keep to a steady pace. Starting January 1, 2011, my schedule will be as follows: Mondays in Reading, Wednesdays in Writing, Fridays in Random (better titles to come).
  • Polish up the blog. I haven't given the layout, page information, sidebars, (etc.) of my blog nearly enough thought as I've grown and developed as a blogger over the past year. At some point in the near future, I'd like to go through an evaluation and revamp of the blog as necessary.
  • Be a better contributor. I read a lot of blog posts, by a lot of bloggers, but I'm not nearly as good as I should be at commenting on them, and commenting back to people who have commented on my blog, etc. etc. Resolution: reply to everyone.
  • Revive Lost Book Girls. Yes, I blog there...or I used to. I still think it's a cool place for book-thought. It just fell victim to busyness over the last few months. (A revamp there is probably appropriate.)
Anyone else have thoughts for the new year?