Why yes, this is what revising looks like...

...and it looks like a whole lot of procrastination.

Okay, just kidding. There's a (BIG) difference between revising procrastination. It's just that where I'm at right now looks a lot like both. (It's revision. It totally is.)

So there are steps to writing a novel, and they're different for every writer. So far, step 1: write a really crappy first draft -- check!..............................

.....................Now I'm just having trouble moving past that. I took a break. And then that break turned into a longer break... And that longer break turned into revision. Really. My draft is a very very very rough draft. Some writers call that draft 0. In any case, that means I am sitting down to a LOT of changes, planning, insertion of subplots and characters. (Yeah, that's right. I am currently missing at least one major secondary character.) ...Where do you go from here?

There are lots of things that need to change about this story, but I wanted to make sure I had a foundation (a solid idea of my vision, at least, for the story) before I started tinkering with the drapes. With that in mind -- well, I'm sitting. Listening to some music, but mostly sitting and letting thoughts wander in and out. I'm not planning on doing this for too long (my next step is character sheets for every major character), but so far I've changed a major institution, sacked six universities, and made a god irrelevant (or at least, relevant in a very different way than he was previously) in my hunt for the heart of the story.

This, despite the fact that it appears to the outward eye like me sitting in my chair for an hour, doing nothing, actually counts. Yes it does.