Lucky Charms

I like Lucky Charms. This is what I'm writing about today because my wrist is bothering me (again), and I don't feel like sitting here waiting for a more inspired idea. So yeah. I like Lucky Charms.

But... Just not all the time. I know, they're delicious and packed with artificially added vitamins, and so sweet they make your teeth hurt, literally, and drinking the milk after the cereal is gone is like drinking chocolate milk, or melted ice cream... But there's just so much of that a person can take before she resorts to vegetables and brown rice.

Anyway, I just had that urge a couple of weeks ago and bought myself a big box of Lucky Charms, which I have been steadily working through. They're not as ridiculously delicious as the first bowl was anymore, but I continue to enjoy them. And when the box is gone, I will enjoy the memory of them until my next Lucky Charms binge, which, according to experience, will likely be 9 months to a year from now. I figure that's infrequent enough that eating (pretty much) straight sugar can't do that much harm, can it?

In (short) other news, have been reading my plotting book. I plan on buying a board and index cards today (ha!). They're exactly what my detail-obsessed brain will love and spend hours upon hours poring over. And I've started rereading Meg Cabot's Airhead. It's kind of awesomer than I remembered -- perfect for when you're in a cotton candy sort of mood, definitely.

Happy Friday, all!