Nah nah nah procrastination

My books from Amazon arrived yesterday, shoving out my last legitimate excuse for procrastination. Theoretically, this means I should be down, nose to grindstone, from now until eternity (or whenever I have a decent second draft done, which is to say, it'll be eternity). Instead I'm doing pretty much what I was doing before, except I postulate that it really counts as not procrastinating this time because even though I'm sitting around reading instead of writing, this time I'm reading the books I purchased specifically to aid my writing.

And I've actually learned a lot. I read Save the Cat, that book Elana Johnson gushed about, and it actually makes sense. Even without setting up the board (yet), I can sort of squint my eyes and see where certain scenes would fall into this lineup that Blake Snyder has so keenly set up. It's pretty cool. And I am totally that person who outlines and color codes and dog ears, so now I get to spend all day in an office supply store and call that working too... Heh...

Long story short, this book is going to MAJORLY impact my plotting ability -- which is to say, give me some plotting ability in the first place. Easy four stars, might just push up to five depending on the results. Yes, this is a results-measured book. And that really makes me wonder whether people should be rating books on the results they achieve. And that makes you wonder... what sort of results are you talking here?

But that's a post (probably many) for another day.