Some thoughts (randomness, really)

It's Friday today. The auditory sounds that accompany this post are: the pianist upstairs who practices about three hours a day... AND the intermittent chirp of (I think) the smoke detector. It would like a new battery, I think that's what it's trying to say, except I am not tall enough to reach it. Alas, the limitations of a not-quite-average-heighted person.

Well then. Other than that, I've started a new story. Don't worry, this isn't cheating on my novel, really -- it's a short story (or it BETTER be). Just a little thing on the side. Just to break up the rhythm a bit. It has to do with a rather jolly king who inadvertently gambles away his kingdom? Although that's just in the first paragraph, so who knows what's going to happen next. It might be the end of the world. You never know.

Considering that this is my first experience with random Fridays (or Fridays of Randomness? Or Frighteningly Freakish Fridays? Okay, scratch that last one...), I think it's going rather well. I get to hop about from subject to subject without thinking ahead, without looking ahead, without pausing before I jump feet first into a hole...

So the first week of January comes to a close. It's been a little stressful, to tell the truth. Stuff at work and all that. Trying to live up to all the resolutions, which have decided to gang up on me and hold me down while one by one, they punch me in the stomach -- that's not working out very well. I may have to adjust as necessary, although the one I'm actually living up to so far is the 300 books thing. Oh, that and the blogging three times a week thing. Week 1, check!

I suppose that the thing to look forward to is February, then. Because in February I will be seeing Avenue Q, and it will be marvelous.